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How did Bosch Braga digitize the entire continuous improvement process?

Bárbara Correia


The Bosch location in Braga belongs to the Automotive Electronics division from Bosch and has more than 1200 different products, in 4 shifts of continuous labor, under a 34000 m2 production site.


Bosch is known for its efficiency and reliability. One of the main drivers to push for more efficient and stable standards is the BPS methodology which is part of Bosch’s culture. Bosch Production System (BPS) is seen by the industry as a Production “true north”, nonetheless it was still based on old tools.

This project had the following main objectives:

  • Reduce paper-based processes, spreadsheet files and slides presentations;
  • Improve data availability and clarity;
  • Automate data consolidation and reporting;
  • Improve resources efficiency;
  • Overall simplify BPS project and reporting tools.


All BPS Projects were managed via spreadsheet which led to a cumbersome process demanding higher clarity and transparency. proGrow’s Collaboration Module allows any workflow to be managed providing constantly a global vision of all running projects. By adapting this module to BPS standards, Bosch has in Braga since the  end of 2018 a platform which allows all its employees to:

  • Create and manage improvement projects in a standardized, centralized and simple way following the BPS methodologies (PDCA, Ishikawa, 5 Why, etc.);
  • Manage the implementation and stabilization of new standards with process confirmation tools and monitoring of daily meetings;
  • Monitor the results achieved and the ongoing initiatives globally.

By having proGrow integrated with 5 different Information System, users are able to monitor 14 main KPIs – from OEE to OTD.These new digital solution serves multiple areas and departments, such as Department Directors, Value Stream Managers, Sections Supervisors, Team Leaders and Line Workers.

Bosch installations in Braga


This project contributed to:

  • “Paper free” production plant
  • BPS transparency
  • Online initiatives management
  • Consolidation of investments and returns
  • Increase of improvement initiatives
  • Productivity improvements

In total, the following were envisaged:

• 77 k€/year - Potential gains in administrative work reduction

• 1,55 m€/year - Savings from projects managed through proGrow

• More 33 BPS projects- Managed per year through proGrow


"It fits perfectly with Bosch culture of Continuous Improvement.Agile team, modern tool, lean thinking and acting!"

Manuel Gomes - BPS Manager at Bosch Car Multimedia

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