One Tool for All

From the shop floor operator to the office management, proGrow is designed to be used across operations and all its support departments.
A simple and configurable interface that can be easily included as part of your employee's routine to help them with their daily tasks.
Production Records

Contextualise production records by identifying the operator, manufacturing order or other information and report data such as quantities produced or rejected.

Information Review

Consult and complete information generated by the equipment, such as classifying stop typologies or reasons for rejection.

Work Instructions

Monitor work instructions, indicating their execution and reporting deviations in the process.

Production Monitoring

Monitor all production status data in real time, view the results and compare them with your objectives.

Oversee what is happening and receive support in team management in order to achieve all objectives.
Monitoring and Validation

Consult the current and historical status of each piece of equipment, validating and completing the various manual records.

Alerts and Escalation

Use a deviation escalation process and digital andon. This process is carried out using automatic alerts that, depending on the duration of the deviation and its severity, are escalated in the organisation.

Ticket Management

Create and manage workflows such as corrective or predictive interventions, improvement initiatives, resolution of quality non-compliance or security incidents. Collaboration between departments is enhanced using this tool.

Support for Team Meetings

Manage team meetings using automatic reports designed for each type of meeting. In addition to the results, our clients have access to support tools such as attendance management, where they can add comments and manage of the different ongoing initiatives.

Quick, collaborative and transparent data-led decision-making is what any production manager aspires to.
Real-time Visibility

Oversee the overall key performance indicators in real time and visual management of results in relation to your goals.

Data Mining

Explore the data by consulting different analyses, changing perspectives and filters to better understand the origin of the results and the possible root cause of any issues.

Monitor Management Results

Make global indicators and reports available, allowing for operational and management information to be cross-checked.This makes analysis and decision-making easier.

Continuous Improvement Programme Management

Fully digitise the continuous improvement programme, having access to tools such as daily team management, improvement project management and profit monitoring.

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