The front line of operations

All the necessary features for digitising your operations.

Respond to the full range of your operations with data collection from any device, integration with existing information systems and manual contextualization through dedicated interfaces.

Complete the digitization with real-time dashboards, reporting and custom collaboration flows.

  • IoT Integrations
  • Information System Integration
  • Real Time KPIs
  • Custom Interfaces
  • Analysis and Reports
  • Maintenance Tickets
  • Quality Management
  • Continuous Improvement

Convert any equipment or workstation online

Easily convert your devices to online, through the various IoT integration options and protocols supported by the platform or through manual interfaces.


Focused on the shop floor experience

Provide dedicated interfaces for each situation, from station control pages using tablets, to monitors with global views of the main KPIs.

In a single image, control the current operation, evaluate the performance of the shift and insert all the missing information that is not being collected automatically.

  • Custom Information
  • ERP Integration
  • Workstation History
  • Configurable Layout
  • Stoppages & Rejections Categorization

Real-time production information and KPIs

Transform your responsiveness with real-time interfaces and dashboards, comparison of results with targets and automatic alerting and escalation processes.

  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Process Parameters
  • Alerts
  • Visual Management Results

Reporting and data analysis to support every decision

Foster a culture of data-based decision making and learn from it through proGrow.

Automatically receive reports to support the monitoring of your plant's performance or freely explore all historical data.

  • KPIs History
  • Custom Reports
  • XLS and PDF Exports
  • Comments

Empower operations to act and improve

Digitize your team's various information flows. Promote collaboration and a structured way to solve the various challenges that may arise.

Workflows can be configured to serve various functions such as managing corrective or predictive interventions, improvement initiatives, resolving non-conformities, managing audits or work instructions.

  • Custom Information
  • Action Plans
  • Checklists
  • Attachments
  • PDCA Management


We establish partnerships to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.
"proGrow has been an exciting company to partner with to help bring our clients into the digital age.

Its platform is a powerful tool for collecting, sharing and exploring shop floor data, and to allow for better operational decision making."
Pedro Silva
Associate Partner at Deloitte
"Vision and action are valuable ingredients for a successful recipe. Fortunately, proGrow is a real evidence of this.

Undoubtedly, a great opportunity for companies seeking smart management based on facts."
Américo Azevedo
Coordinator TEC4Industry INESC TEC
& Professor at Porto Business School

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Ready for your company

We take great care in ensuring security and in processing your company's data.
Big Data

proGrow uses the latest data processing technologies to ensure that analysing large volumes of data is never a problem.

Backups & Data Protection

Our infrastructure has backup mechanisms in case of emergencies, in addition to encryption of your content, ensuring data security.

Cloud Security

We work with the best providers in the world to ensure safe access to the platform on the Cloud.


We respect all GDPR standards. We use, automatic anonymisation and data processing procedures to protect all personal data.