Digitisation of Operations

All the necessary features for digitising your operations.

Integrated shop floor experience

Real-time analysis and control from the shop floor to administration.

In a single image, control the current operation, compare it with the previous shift, follow the planning, and insert any information that is not being collected automatically. Everything you need is just a click away.

  • Real-Time Information
  • Manual Inputs
  • Alerts
  • Custom Layout
  • Visual Management of KPIs

Reports to streamline your meetings

Receive automatic reports to support the analysis and monitoring of your team's performance.

From daily operational meetings to quarterly management meetings, face-to-face or remote, proGrow help you make your meetings more efficient.

  • Custom Dashboards
  • PDF Exports
  • Comments
  • Attendance Management
  • Association of KPIs and Initiatives

Decision making using data

Promote a culture of data-driven decisions and learn from them using proGrow.

Data quality and realiability can be your competitive advantage.

  • Tabular and Graphical View
  • Filters
  • Drilldown
  • Favourites
  • Calculation Details

Structured problem solving

Digitise your team's different data flows. Promote collaboration and structure in solving the various challenges that may arise.

Management of tasks such as corrective and preventive maintenance, stock shortages and automatic evaluation of KPIs.

  • Personalised Information
  • Ticket Management
  • Kanban
  • Metrics Inputs
  • Notifications

Continuous improvement programme 4.0

Create and manage opportunities, new standards or improvement projects in a simple and centralised way for all teams.

Intuitive project management following continuous improvement streams like the A3 or 8D, customised for your needs.

  • Ishikawa
  • Actions Plans
  • Improvement Monitoring
  • PDCA Management
  • Attachments
  • A3 Export

Evaluation and control at your fingertips

Check and control the compliance of all your processes  with results immediately available to everyone.

From managing and recording operational matters, such as work instructions or 5S audits, to verifying and monitoring health and safety procedures at work.

  • Checklists
  • Audit Management
  • Work Instructions
  • KPIs Analysis
  • Reporting

Oversee the entire organisation

Create and manage connection between teams, indicators and initiatives.

Centralised management of how and where the different teams must act for the organisation's objectives to be achieved.

  • Hoshin Planning
  • Management Dashboards
  • Access Permissions
  • Gantt Charts
  • Confidentiality

The right plan for your company's digital maturity

The modular and iterative vision of our platform allows us to adapt to the digital maturity of each company and adjust the scope of each project so that it can add the greatest value to each organisation.

Data Collection

We know how diverse your processes and equipment can be. For different challenges, we provide different options for integration and data collection.
Manual Inputs

Directly on the platform interface entering times, quantities, reasons, etc. or via import of spreadsheet files.

Information Systems Integration

Integration with ERP or other existing information systems such as MRPs or planning systems, for example.

IIoT Gateways

Integration with various IIoT device solutions through communication protocols (OPC-UA and MQTT, for example) for fast and compatible integration with all types of equipment.

PLCs & Sensors

Direct integration with controllers or sensors of different types applied to the equipment, for integration with more detailed information.


We establish partnerships to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.
"proGrow has been an exciting company to partner with to help bring our clients into the digital age.

Its platform is a powerful tool for collecting, sharing and exploring shop floor data, and to allow for better operational decision making."
Pedro Silva
Associate Partner at Deloitte
"Vision and action are valuable ingredients for a successful recipe. Fortunately, proGrow is a real evidence of this.

Undoubtedly, a great opportunity for companies seeking smart management based on facts."
Américo Azevedo
Coordinator TEC4Industry INESC TEC
& Professor at Porto Business School

Implementation Stages

The implementation and use of the platform are monitored and managed by our team to successfully work through all stages.
Data Integration

We build the necessary connections for each project of the different systems and equipment.

Information Systems | Files | IoT Gateways Sensors | Manual Inputs
Platform Adaptation

We configure all analyses and personalised communication flows to meet your specific needs.

User Management | Calculation KPIs | Lean Tools | Reports | Permissions and Access
Training & Monitoring

We provide workshops to facilitate the process transition and monitor the use of the platform on an ongoing basis.

On-site Workshops | Webinars | Platform Updates | Support

Ready for your company

We take great care in ensuring security and in processing your company's data.
Big Data

proGrow uses the latest data processing technologies to ensure that analysing large volumes of data is never a problem.

Backups & Data Protection

Our infrastructure has backup mechanisms in case of emergencies, in addition to encryption of your content, ensuring data security.

Cloud Security

We work with the best providers in the world to ensure safe access to the platform on the Cloud.


We respect all GDPR standards. We use, automatic anonymisation and data processing procedures to protect all personal data.

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