Operational Excellence powered by Industry 4.0

A dynamic and flexible platform that allows you to analyse your KPIs and improve them through collaboration tools.
Data Integration

Automatic data integration and processing process, whatever your source. Have real-time information without restrictions.

Custom Calculation

Our calculation engine allows us to define all the business rules necessary to have your desired indicators and analyses.

Automatic Analyzes

Eliminate administrative data processing tasks that don't add value. Get rid of spreadsheet headaches.

Shopfloor Experience

Automatic monitoring of operations with the possibility of including complementary manual inputs. Everything in a single interface.

Collaboration Tools

From improvement projects, corrective actions, or even audit management, we digitize all the necessary collaboration flows.

Centralized Know-how

A web platform with an intuitive design that becomes a true centralizer of best practices accessible to everyone.

Analyse and react immediately

The need not only to have indicators in real time, but also to know what is being done to improve makes proGrow a real ally of operational efficiency.


We bring strategy to the shopfloor

By allowing you to differentiate and adapt the various analysis and collaboration tools according to the needs of different teams, proGrow integrates into your company's routine from day one.


Used by major world references

From the first day we established a partnership relationship with our customers, supporting their journey towards operational excellence.
"A simple and effective solution, designed in search of perfection in production management, which allows us to monitor all of our operations."
Manuel António Ferreira
Production Director at Cork Supply Portugal
"It fits perfectly with Bosch culture of Continuous Improvement.
Agile team, modern tool, lean thinking and acting!"
Manuel Gomes
BPS Responsible at Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal
"An innovative product and company, with a dedicated and flexible team that allows a quick execution".

Jörg Deubel
Supply Chain Director at Nestlé Portugal
"A very diligent team focused on providing solutions.
We count on proGrow on a daily basis to improve our processes."
Vânia Silva
Management Control Coordinator at Caetano Bus

Improvements on all fronts

Our platform allows improvements in several areas of the company and makes sure there is a clear return on investment from day one.
1.6 FTEs
Administrative Work Reduction

Elimination or automation of repetitive tasks in capturing, recording and processing data that does not add value.

1.0 pp
Operational Efficiency Increase

Increased analytical capacity and decision-making efficiency with the support of real-time data that leads to more productivity.

20 %
Continuous Improvement Gains

Simplification and increased visibility of the continuous improvement process, promoting the growth of initiatives and their quality.

Want to try a personalized demo?

If you want to have the experience of using our platform, we can provide a demo with a customized configuration for your needs.
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